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Girls Ages 12-17


are invited to discover their body’s amazing potential and strength, the ability to be flexible, and the confidence to shine their beautiful Goddess spirit.  The goal of Teen Goddess Club is to empower, support, nourish, nurture, de-stress, love ourselves, honor each other, and see the infinite possibilities that lie within each one of us. 

We are excited about the new format: Sunday afternoons, 4:30-6:15pm, informal and student inspired.  With more of a ‘club’ atmosphere versus a formal class, we hope to provide a space of support, conversation, freedom to be ourselves, and a true Sisterhood. 

We spend our afternoons exploring

Goddess mythology, basic postures, breath,

meditation, relaxation,

journal writing, poetry, arts and crafts,

and more.  We also get fun and funky with

bindis, henna, sweet tunes, chai tea,

mandala work, fire ceremonies,

along with some

dancing, painting, cooking,

and fabulous field trips woven in!



There is nothing quite like the Teen Goddess Yoga Club at The Durga Studio.

Join us!

Celebrate the Goddess that you truly are!

Our next session coming soon!

teen yoga goddesses

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